August 29, 2016


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Discover Your I Books – Inspiration

Author Guided Questions Form

Your chapter is only 1,500 words so being concise with your message will be important.   I’ve included some open ended statements to get your creative juices flowing should you get stuck.   Once you start writing you will probably find that you need to scale back.

Biography:  Highlight different aspects of your life.  Grab them with information about you that makes them want to read your story.

Unique attributes:  Are there unusual qualities or characteristics about you?

EX:  You’ve lived in 20 different states.

Education:   Self-taught serial student.  Harvard Graduate.  Student of Life.

Experiences:  Don’t put your “meat” of the chapter here.  Maybe a random experience that isn’t part of your story, yet interesting.

Word count   ___________     Approximately 300- 400 words

1st Paragraph:   The hook…… what made you want to write a chapter in this particular compilation?

Address the theme of the book:  Example……..”I chose to write a chapter in the Inspiration    compilation because I was run over by a car and lived to tell about it.”   Then give the inspiration or lesson you learned from that experience.

What drove you to want to share your story or what about your story can “teach” or inspire someone else.  What is the feeling you want them to leave with?

“A little about my story………”

“What you may have never thought about…….”

“I was inspired by xxxx and hope my journey inspires you…..”

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me…..”

“I woke up and realized……”

Word Count   _________    Strive for 800-900

2nd Paragraph:  The closure.   Wrap up the “theme” of the book.  Some ideas:
“The best lesson I learned from all of my experiences…..”

“What I wouldn’t change about what I went through…..”

“Something to consider if ever doing……..”

“If I could change one thing it would be…….”

Word Count    __________    approximately 300-400