August 29, 2016

What Should I Write About?


Questions and Ideas to get you started thinking about what to write!

  • Stories about struggles or setbacks that you overcame to get to you where you are today
  • What you’ve accomplished in your life and how you got there.
  • Important childhood experiences that taught you lessons that have helped you in some way
  • What, or who, inspired you to accomplish your goals, dreams, or ambitions
  • Passions about your business or expertise
  • Your vision or mission for your life and/or business
  • How are you creating change?
  • A burning desire you had to do something, and how you moved through the process
  • How your experiences and/or accomplishments impacted you or others.
  • How you gained confidence or clarity
  • Opportunities that have opened up for you because of your ‘story’.
  • What advice you would you give to the reader.
  • Funny or inspirational stories.
  • A misfortune that you experienced, but you made the best of the situation